Vagrant for Devops

or "A Brief Introduction to Vagrant (again)"

The Old Days

  • Research and order hardware
  • Hardware is shipped and received
  • Hardware is installed
  • Operating system and software are installed

Weeks later

  • Server completed

Let's Handcraft a Server

Things are better today

  • Virtualization
  • "The Cloud"
  • Containers
  • Other magic buzzwords

But how can we take advantage

By taking advantage of these technologies through the entire development process.


The Vagrantfile

Vagrant.configure(2) do |config|
  # Installs the operating system           = 'ubuntu/trusty64'

  # Configures the virtual machine       'private_network', ip: ''
  config.vm.synced_folder 'code/', '/home/vagrant/app'

  # Provisions the system
  config.vm.provision     'shell', path: 'provision/'


  • Primary commands
    • vagrant up
    • vagrant ssh
    • vagrant destroy
  • Others
    • vagrant provision
    • vagrant halt
    • vagrant suspend
    • vagrant resume
    • vagrant push


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Try it for yourself

Vagrant for Devops

By Andrew Tomaka

Vagrant for Devops

or "A Brief Introduction to Vagrant (Again)"

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