Ptolemy - made a world map and supposed there had to be a land mass to the south calling it Terra Australis Incognito.

The unknown southern land


50 000 years

500 nations

250 languages

Different religions

1600s The Dutch

named Australia

"New Holland"




Penal colony

Scientific exploration


The Britons 1770s

Captain James Cook

"New South Wales"

1 January 1901


(1986 Australia Act)

Captain James Cook claims sovereignity

over Australia on Possession island 1770 


"The Penal colony myth"

The Myth - the most hardened criminals,

Over flowing jails in UK.

The Fact - it wouldn't have been economically viable to send people half way around the world just to jail them.


Many of the convicts were skilled tradesmen or farmers and convicted for lesser crimes


What really happened - colonization!

"Aboriginal australians"

The term Aboriginal was coined by the British in 1788. 

Lumping together all non-white people

already inhabiting Australia when colonization started.

The stolen generation


Mixed aboriginal children became wards of the state because of a parliamentary ruling,

removed from their parents guardianship.

Trigger warning!

In the 80s awareness of political causes

was the "in thing". The band Midnight oil

were outspoken about aboriginal rights.

Not the same international awareness as with apartheid in South Africa.


Terra Australis


New Holland


New South Wales


Commonwealth of Australia


Land of Oz


"The Land down under"

"Kärt barn har många namn"

The Commonwealth countries

An association of 53 countries -

2.4 billion people live in a Commonwealth country.

Nearly all are former territories of the British empire


Australia is know for having interesting place names like: Ballaballa, Wagga Wagga and Tumbi Umbi. Origin: different aboriginal languages

Other loan words from aboriginal languages into English are:


Kangaroo, Boomerang, Billabong,

Kookaburra, Koala, Dingo.


Hard yakka = Hard work


Australian English =AuE


Australian English began to diverge from British English because a lot of the first settlers came from different parts of England/Ireland and spoke in various dialects . They intermingled and especially the first settlers' children began speaking in a new variety of English, that has its own accent, vocabulary, pronunciation, register and grammar.


How we see Aussies?

Cork hats

Bondi Beach


Healthy looking people

Flora and fauna



"Perhaps most importantly is that being accepting of others, no matter what country they may have immigrated from, is in the nature of being Australian. It is in the very fabric of our society. Australia being multicultural and accepting of foreigners is an Australian value. It’s even in the second verse of our Anthem. At the end of the day, sure, maybe international shipping costs a bomb, and London’s heatwaves are like our spring, but Australia is honestly such an innately beautiful place in every way possible, that I would honestly never want to live anywhere else."

Chanel Leung - 2015 - Winner of "What it means to be Australian?" writing contest.

Remember this?

Current and ancient affairs

Flora and fauna in Australia is unique for this part of the world because of continental drift.


Australia is also the place where the fourth mass extinction event took place.

Fourth mass extinction 

Australia had something called Megafauna.

Why did they go extinct?

What extinction are we facing now?

Current affairs

Scott Morrison, Prime minister


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