Tracking Milwaukee Evictions

Branden DuPont

Medical College of Wisconsin

Eviction Database Background

  • Eviction database developed as a joint partnership between Legal Action, City of Milwaukee (DNS and City Attorney), and MCW
  • Common Council (Alderman Kovac initial sponsor) and Legal Action provided funding for the development of this work

 Datashare @ MCW IHE = Local IDS





What Was Built

  • Automated database that maintains Milwaukee eviction records
  • Pipeline that assigns evictions to an address and taxkey
  • Series of visualizations on aggregate eviction metrics
  • Parcel level map of eviction filings
  • Eviction records with building code violations issued within 90 days as well as open at the time of filing


  • Featured in Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Next City, & The Sunlight Foundation
  • Viz Interactions > 70,000

Outcomes & Policy Changes

  • Provide stakeholders with a key source of data to inform housing policy and understand drivers of eviction
  • Understand relationship between habitability of rental housing and evictions

What's Next

  • More nuanced, ongoing understanding of the relationship between housing violations and evictions
  • Who Own's What project localized in Milwaukee

Where Can I Find This Project?

Eviction Prevention Coalition

By Branden DuPont

Eviction Prevention Coalition

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