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Nordic Theme

  1. Keep colors to a max or three of four - aim for 2
  2. Make sure to explain or it to be obvious what your color encodes
  3. Use intuitive colors
  4. Don’t use a gradient color palette for categories: "since many readers will associate dark colors with “more/high” and bright colors with “less/low”, such a color palette will imply a ranking of your categories" - Lisa Charlotte Ross
  5. Use colors that are distinctive and not the same as everyone else

Why Static Sites Over Wordpress

1. They do not require complex server setup with databases, maintenance, and don’t have any scaling issues.

2. Data is fully secure.

3. Rather than relying on servers to generate pages dynamically, pre-render all of them on build. (loads should be less than 2-3 seconds)

4. Fast, smooth, app-like experience

5. Helpful for slow or intermittent internet connections. Often available after losing connection

Why single page applications over multiple pages

  1. Linear User Experience: Contain a clear beginning, middle, and end.
  2. Single page applications are much faster
  3. Most users of any site will at most click 3 times. Often only two. SPA allows the narrative experience and quick access to associated content

Why Markdown Sites

  1. Anyone can learn to maintain. A very low learning curve - perfect for grad students or professional staff.
  2.  Even basic user can change narrative text.
  3. Structure means you can add and edit new content. If you have an office that wants to make a public facing dashboard, you can use markdown based sites to build one for them. PHILDAO site is an example of this - it uses R-Markdown.

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