Safety in Numbers

Report from Cape Town, South Africa

Sept. 5-19, 2015



Pedestrian Motor Collisions in Tacoma

January 2014-Sept. 2015 

PhD Research

Electronic Trauma Health Record

Other places and people to collect data

Next Steps

Mobile Data Collection

Office of Global Affairs

Strategic International Partnership Travel Award

mobile injury data collection

Training community memebers

Property Rights

Human Rights

Human Rights

Safe Node on the Map

Oh wait...

Open Data

Open Data

The open data movement – the story goes – could variably democratize data access and knowledge production, unite cities and citizens, encourage transparent governance, strengthen democracy, and advance cities socially and economically (see European Commission, 2014; Sieber & Johnson, 2015; Zuiderwijk & Janssen, 2014).


Grand proclamations have been met by a burgeoning critique however, which for example has identified its limited inroads outside of the wealthy cities of the Global North, co-optation by hackers and corporations (Kitchin, 2014), reinforcement of power relations (Gurstein, 2011), as well as concerns about neoliberal logics (Bates, 2012) and threats to social justice (Johnson, 2014). 

Open Data


Cape Town

World Design Capital


Driver of Open Data in Cape Town


Hacking is a dirty word


inclusive journalism wage


University of Cape Town (UCT)

Dept of Geomatics

Dept of Geomatics

African Center for Cities


 "Ideas are not truths waiting to be discovered but social experiments whose veracity is judged by their effects"(Smith, 2009, p. 421)

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Dr. Yonn Dierwechter

Dr. Ali Modarres

Chief Jim Duggan

Dr. Jon Cinnamon

Everyone mentioned in these slides regarding Cape Town!


Office of Global Affairs

Strategic International Partnership Travel Award

Safety in Numbers

By Britta Ricker

Safety in Numbers

Prepared to organize my ideas to present during a brown bag seminar for Yonn's class

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