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Britta Ricker, PhD

Assistant Professor

ITC - University of Twente

Everything is spatial

Where it happened is critical to know to figure out why and how it happened

Open Data

Barriers to working with open data

Data dashboards

for SDG Data

Same data - graduate symbol - investment in water resources

Esri Online

Data portals


Data portals

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Platform As a Service (Paas)

SDG indicator tiers

•Incomplete indicators

Tier I: internationally established methodology and standards

•Data regularly produced for at least 50 percent of countries and of the population in every region

Tier II: data not regularly produced by countries

Tier III: methodology or standards are being (or will be) established 

Did you know?

Heterogeneity SDG indicators

Metadata Repository 

Give yourself time to find and

to interact with data before you commit to a story dataset




and their influence

on how we process data and create visualizations 

Equitable work allocation in this room 


SDG Data and Visualizations

By Britta Ricker

SDG Data and Visualizations

Existing data portals, dashboards, and considerations moving forward

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