Release Versioning

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Is Ruby on Rails 6.1.3 supported?

Does that cover 6.1.3?

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Boring Tech Stuff

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  • curl
  • Deploys to Netlify
  • Maintained since 2019
  • Anyone can file a PR to fix issues!

Do you release something regularly?

On your /releases page:

  • Only list supported point releases (5.6.2, not 5.6)
  • Link the latest release to its release notes and/or migration guide.
  • Give dates till when this release is supported.
  • Give a second date for security releases, if needed.
  • Explain your jargon
    • Active/Maintainenace/Support/Bug-Fixes?
    • Security Support
    • End-of-Life?
    • Long-Term-Support?

Charts are cool!

Easy policies

  • X months/years from first release
  • Last 2 release cycles
  • Even/Odd releases are LTS.

Bad policies/wording

  • each individual point release is only supported for three months after the next point release.
  • Provide critical security patches for any major version whose first minor release was within the past three years.


By Nemo