Task 4: Props/Costume List

Bomber Jacket


Bomber jackets have come back into fashion, they're now trendy, urban and

modern which is a look I'm aiming to achieve on my own magazine pages.


Baseball caps are suitable for the rap/R&B of my magazine because they come in a variety of different colours and styles, and are associated with the genres R&B and rap in particular. Caps also tie together a whole look.


Microphones are generally associated with all genres of music. A microphone being featured as a prop on my own magazine, will be perfect since my genre is mixed.

Baseball cap/hat





Headphones are strongly associated with music, and would look very trendy if worn by one of my models on my own magazine, perphaps on the DPS.

One of my models owns an 'Ivy Park' T-shirt (Beyonce's clothing range) .The range is very well established in the fashion industry currently, and will gain a lot of attention if featured on one of my own magazine pages.

Sunglasses could be a potential prop one of my models could wear. Sunglasses add a cool and edgy vibe to certain outfits/looks, which is something I wanna inject into my own magazine pages


Ivy Park T-shirt






  • One of my models could wear a sweatshirt/hoodie  with something related to music printed on it. This would be suitable for my mixed genre because the print can have anything related to music, and it would apply to no particular genre but to a variety of genres.
  • A guitar could be a prop featured on my own magazine, because a guitar symbioses and is associated with the creation/production of music. Also guitars are a key  instrument that are used in many genres of music not just one (mixed genre).
  • A speaker could be a prop featured in one of my magazine pages, because speakers are associated with the sharing of music with other people, which is something I wanna do with my target audience. This is suitable with my genre because any genre of music can be played on a speaker (mixed charts).
  • Flannels/checked shirts could be a costume item featured on my own magazine because they have recently come back into fashion, and arent associated with any particular group people, they're are universally worn.




Flannel/Checked Shirt


By Chanelle Goddard