Privacy & Cloud Storage


What is the cloud?


  • Restore phone contacts & settings
  • Sync calendar between devices
  • Share photographs with family
  • Accessing a document from multiple locations
  • many more...


Trusting another company with your personal info

  • That they won't do anything with it
  • That they don't give/sell it to other organisations           (incl backdoors)
  • That they secure the information from malicious individuals (identity theft, stalkers & abusers, leaking financial info & nude photographs)


Just because a company is large, doesn't make it immune to data breaches

So what can we do?

1. Encrypt files before uploading

  • Cryptomator (

Client-side AES encryption for files kept in the cloud

  • CryFS (

Not only file contents, but sizes, metadata and directory structure are kept confidential


Both are open source and work alongside Dropbox, iCloud etc.


2. Move to an encrypted cloud provider

  • Seafile - $10/mo for 100GB, hosted in Germany and the US
  • Least Authority S4 - $25/mo for unlimited storage, US
  • SpiderOak - $12/mo for 1TB, Closed source, although they say they have no knowledge of your data.  Snowden has recommended SpiderOak over Dropbox in an interview.
  • Owncloud - Similar to Dropbox but with lots of plugins
  • Nextcloud - Recent fork of the owncloud project

3. Set up a hosted cloud server 


  • More control over what hardware it's on
  • You choose the infra provider, location​
  • Less of a target
  • Seafile
  • Owncloud
  • Pydio
  • Tahoe-LAFS - decentralised

4. Set up a cloud storage server on your own hardware (ultimate tin foil hat mode)


  • Total control​


  • Total control
  • Have to deal with backups, bandwidth, uptime, power usage, maintenance and many other things

Seafile demo

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Privacy & Cloud Storage

By Charelle Collett

Privacy & Cloud Storage

For the Brisbane Internet Safety meetup, 7/7/16

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