The Changing Face of HK Retail 

Policy and Strategy to Stimulate Innovation

Charles Mok 

Legislative Councillor (IT)

RTIA seminar 2015.11.9


How can future retail experience become

Where are the possibilities for forward-thinking retailers?

Constant connectivity

contextual relevance

multi-screen world 

Disruptive technologies are forecast to have a

US$6.2 trillion

effect on the economy by 2025






Source: Mckinsey




smart point of sale (POS)

Smart Retail

4 elements

Tech savvy HKers:

Retailers' best friend?

Proximity and 

Location Services 

with Bluetooth

right message

at the right time

in the right place

to the right person

O2O shopping

Catalog & directory

Mobile devices drive foot traffic to stores


+ POS system

+ retailer 



Understanding your customers better by

Strategic considerations


Capture opportunities beyond payment

Retain and improve customer relationship

Provide value-add in-store for better experience

R&D support

Collaboration between technology companies, retail industry to develop industry-specific solutions

 e.g. RFID retail application

Handling risks

Data security, fraud, mobile security, privacy, payment process

Skill gap

enable retailers to have the tools and knowledge to develop and deliver Smart Retail activites


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The Changing Face of HK Retail: Policy and Strategy to Stimulate Innovation

By Charles Mok, Legislative Councillor (IT)

The Changing Face of HK Retail: Policy and Strategy to Stimulate Innovation

Hong Kong Retail Technology Industry Association seminar 9 Nov 2015 "Turn retail challenges into opportunities in the era of Smart Retail"

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