All decks
  • AI and Algorithmic Art - Could computer take over human creativity?

  • Introduction to Reinforcement Learning

    Introduction to Reinforcement Learning, overview of different RL strategy and the comparisons.

  • Deep Learning with Keras : Building an AI that Talks like Shakespeare or Trump

    Computers are getting closer to speak like humans. But can we even make them speak in particular ways, like as Trump or Shakespeare? In this hands on talk we will see how this is possible with the latest deep learning techniques combined with word embeddings and other advanced NLP technique.

  • Fuzzy Matching - Smart Way of Finding Similar Names Using Fuzzywuzzy

    Ever encounter a tricky situation of knowing there’s names that are the same, but matching strings straight away leads you no where? All you need is Fuzzywuzzy, a simple but powerful open-source Python library and some wit. This talk will demonstrate how to efficiently fuzzy match company names.