Will PyScript replace Django?

What PyScript is and is not

Have you heard of PyScript?

So what is PyScript?

So what is PyScript?

  • a framework
  • run Python applications in the browser
  • not to replace JavaScript,
    but rather, use with it
  • thanks to Pyodide and WASM
  • many popular packages of Python avaliable

This is how to use PyScript

      <link rel="stylesheet" href="https://pyscript.net/latest/pyscript.css" />
      <script defer src="https://pyscript.net/latest/pyscript.js"></script>

    <h1>Let's plot random numbers</h1>
    <div id="plot"></div>
    <py-config type="json">
          "packages": ["numpy", "matplotlib"]
    <py-script output="plot">
      import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
      import numpy as np
      x = np.random.randn(1000)
      y = np.random.randn(1000)
      fig, ax = plt.subplots()
      ax.scatter(x, y)
    <py-config type="toml">
        packages = ["numpy", "matplotlib"]
        paths = ["./data.py"]

toml format

    <py-config type="json">
          "packages": ["numpy", "matplotlib"],
          "paths": ["./data.py"]

json format

load in config source​

<py-config src="./custom.toml">
  paths = ["./utils.py"]

It is useful for ...

  • plug in packages (local wheel or hosted)
  • change runtime settings (e.g. setting runtime source)
  • adding meta data (e.g. decription, author_name, license)

Interactive Python interface (like jupyter notebook)

    <link rel="stylesheet" href="https://pyscript.net/latest/pyscript.css" />
    <script defer src="https://pyscript.net/latest/pyscript.js"></script>

 Or you can download and host it yourself

Just like other JS CDN

Why is it useful?

a.k.a why do it on frontend

Sometime we need to use frontend because...

  • Computation is heavy
  • Don't want to provide a playground (crypto mining)
  • Data too sensitive to leave user's own machine

So, will PyScript replace Django?


but we can make some amazing stuff if we use them together 🙌

Here is an example

Using PyScript with Django

More Pyscript examples...

Get the ice cream codes here: github.com/Cheukting/pyscript-ice-cream

Q & A

  • Can you pull in a python script?
    - Yes you can (see example)
  • What is the Python version we are using?
    - It is using Pyodide so it is whatever Pyodide is using
  • Why can't you use <script tag="python">
    - Because <script> is not a custom tag and it is defined by the browser which none of them is supporting Python yet
  • Why don't you just use Pyodide?
    - It's like we use Keras to simplify using Tersorflow, PyScript make it easier to using Python on the browser

Q & A

  • Can you pin a package version at <py-config>?
    - Right now you cannot, but you can host the wheel yourself
      (see example here)
  • What is the difference between PyScirpt and Brython?
    - PyScript is interpreting Python to WASM instead of JS and have many popular packages avaliable
  • Any plan to support BeeWare?
    - BeeWare is also a project Anaconda support and hopefully we will have more concrete manifestations of BeeWare PyScript support

Will PyScript replace Django

By Cheuk Ting Ho

Will PyScript replace Django

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