Pyjamas Conf 2020


How did it happened? Why it's great?

What is Pyjamas Conf?

  • Online
  • 24 hours
  • So you can join anytime with your PJs

Started at 8am UTC 5th Dec 2020...

We have streamed 24 hours of non-stop (almost) contents and talks on YouTube


  • Opening and Closing
  • 4 Technical breaks (30mins)
  • 40 talks (~ half recorded)
  • 1 panel session

Great veriety of (talk) topics

Pyjamas competition

2 accidents for live talks

  • 1 got problem with internet connnection half way
  • 1 fell asleep and missed the slot

We have sold 900+ tickets at the end!!!!

We have received 0 CoC complains

And 300+ people joint Discord

Technical set up

  • Streaming on  public YouTube stream with Streamyard as backstage
  • Discord as socializing place (only ticket holder will receive invitation)
  • At lease 2 voluntees at Streamyard at any point (1 host 1 standby)
  • 1 person in cahrge of CoC at anytime (take turns)


  • Twitter
  • Asking network for help (sister organizations)
  • Linkedin (ad by Python Ireland)
  • Python Discord
  • Mentioned many times at other conferences by me

Event was advertise well with lot's of hype and excitement

Organizing team

  • There was a big hit when Covid happened and many people left the team
  • At the end only 3 constantly active team member
  • Ocational help from a few more people
  • Volunteer team was brought together 2 weeks before

Cashmere spnosor:

Community partners:


  • It is possible to organize an online conference with limited resources
  • Community is the most important thing
  • Quality and team sprit of volunteers are important
  • Lots of leverage from other communities (EuroPython, Python Discord etc)
  • Need to be fun!



Follow us for official announcements and news

Lastly, the winners of the Pyjamas Showdown are...

See you next year...?

What Makes Pyjamas Great?

By Cheuk Ting Ho

What Makes Pyjamas Great?

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