Let's build a BeeWare app that uses Django

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Warning! this talk can be chaotic!!!

Hello I am Cheuk

  • Open-Source contributor

  • Organisers of community events

  • PSF director and fellow
  • Community manager at OpenSSF

Who has heard of BeeWare?

What is BeeWare?

Write once. Deploy everywhere.


  • Framework (many tools)
  • write your app in Python
  • release it on multiple platforms
    • Mac
    • Windows
    • Linux
    • iPhone/iPad
    • Android

Using briefcase!

Quick demo of BeeWare (Briefcase)

Introduction to Toga

A Python native, OS native GUI toolkit.

Toga widgets

  • Box
  • Buttons
  • TexInputs
  • Labels
  • Table
  • Canvas
  • WebView

Toga aslo style like CSS

Build a web browser with Toga

Quick look at our example Django app

Before we move on

How to make positron app with Toga

Using toga.WebView

  • Can embed an interactive webpage
  • Build in Django backend
  • Serve the frontend with toga.WebView
  • Deploy it to mobile applications with Briefcase

Make our Django app into mobile app

Using a template

Design choices

  • Locally served Django
    - only local data needed
    - data preserved
  • Online served Django
    - only worked when there is a connection
  • Locally and online served Django
    - using local data when no connection (cached)
    - sync data when connected


Let's build a BeeWare app that uses Django

By Cheuk Ting Ho

Let's build a BeeWare app that uses Django

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