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Chatbots that knows if you are angry

Cheuk Ting Ho



What is Rasa

  • Open Source
  • Machine learning framework
  • Building contextual AI assistants and chatbots
  • Pipeline dependencies: SpaCy, tensorflow, etc
  • Rasa X includes a user interface and a REST API
  • Rasa community

2 components



Using machine learning to understand the context of the user's message

Deciding how to response to the message, what action to take to carry on the conversation

2 components



  • provide training example
  • set up pipeline
  • provide 'story' - flow of conversation
  • provide action script

Part 1

  1. Setup
  2. Start a new project
  3. Build NLU

Part 2

  1. Write domain and stories
  2. Write form actions

Part 3

  1. Sentiment analysis
  2. Reporting function
  3. Fallback action

In the Workshop

Finding help

Rasa Doc:

Rasa Community Forum:


For our workshop:

Gitter Channel:

Getting started

Chatbots that know if you are angry

By Cheuk Ting Ho

Chatbots that know if you are angry

While chatbots are a blooming thing, we always want out bots to be smarter. Imagine a chatbot that knows how angry your customer is and handle the complain more seriously. With the development of NLP, seems we can get more out of the text, like extracting the tone and the emotion form the text.

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