The Difficulty of Going Green

Landfills filling up



Lack of Education


is bad and wasteful

- Less quantity means less wasteful?

- Substitute quantity with quality?

Higher quality Substitues

Carbon footprint

Life cycle assessments consider a wide range of factors, including raw materials, manufacturing, transport, and eventual disposal.


- Usage threshold

- several impact categories, such as climate change, toxicity, and water use.

How is an item more environmentally friendly?


What can be recycled?

Plastic Straws

They are too small to be 'processed'

Aluminium tray and foil

Please rinse before recycling



on where you are

  • Recyclable in some parts of US
  • Not recyclable in Singapore


Is like driving.

You need to undergo theory to Recycle well

Recycle 101

- Dispose if unsure

- Rinse and dry before recycling

Lack of


- Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) ban 

Are we doomed?

Global warming

- Increase in extreme weather patterns like heat wave can create health risk

Global warming

- Increasingly violent natural disasters can disrupt infrastructure and cause frequent massive blackouts.


Global warming

- Loss in biodiversity can cause disruption in food chain which can cause food shortage

Global warming

+ Colder regions may have more green land. This may allow them to experience an increase in crop yield


Global warming

- Impact agriculture production in Asia and lead to food shortage


- Likely trigger mass migration


Is it too late?
Where are we now?

The Difficulty of Going Green

By Chong Jia Wei

The Difficulty of Going Green

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