Talking to wikipedia

With Js

How do you access wikipedia programatically ?

Mediawiki Api

(List of all the available options)

(List of client libraries in various languages)

Who doesn't use a browser !

Lets use javascript to talk to the API 

Have you guys written js before ?

Heard of events & callbacks ?

Lets play with the API

Without writing any code yet :-)

Lets pick a task

  • The authors of the first 100 edits in an article 
  • Read the edit comments in an article
  • The list of images used in an article

I'm sure you guys have better ideas :-)


Userscripts are available directly in a wikipedia page.
They can do a lot of nifty things for you.

A tool I built with the API


thank you



Functions are objects in javascript.
They can be passed to other functions like variables.


Ajax is Asynchronous Javascript & XML.
The callbacks don't get executed right away.

Callback Nesting

jQuery when() , then() & done() 

Talking to wikipedia

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Talking to wikipedia

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