GDG Seoul, 26th Feb. 2014

Let's contribute, HTML5Rocks/KO!

Chang W. Doh

Can you can see me? If you can, I'm sorry for it. It because your browser doesn't support CSS3 'filter' property. But don't worry, 'filter' is a piece of CSS3 specification in Working Draft. You can forget my face soon.

I'm not fluent in english.

Also I'm not a field expert.

Finally, I don't know anything

about Python & Django.


Developer Resources

dedicated to all that is HTML5


OpenSource Project 


What does h5r treats?

Sure, HTML5 & development stuffs.

5 Sections




Give me a seconds,

I should talk about my history.

When I sent Pull Request at first


Nobody reviewed my work except Paul.
Everybody just thumbs up! :(

I'm not auto-translator. :)
But really thank you!
You're the first reviewer for my commits!! :)

Past is in the Past!



What do you help?


  • Translation of Technical Articles @h5r
    • Keep attention to Update, Update and Update
  • Localization of Site String
    • Requires a little understanding 'Django'

File a bug or patch



an article, tutorial or case study!


How do we contribute?

4 Repositories

Mostly we'll push commits to...


Now, I'll just show

  • Getting codes & environment
  • How to translate an article
  • How to push commits to

If you want to submit code patch, you have to agree Contributor License Agreements before it!

Some links for new Korean Translators.

I hope they can be helpful to you. :)

Trello Board

Google Translator & 2 Pass Translator

Dictionary Services

If you know another useful tools, please let us know.

Getting Code & Dev Environment

STEP 1: Fork a repository 

STEP 2: Cloning code

$ git clone{YOUR_ACCOUNT}/
or cloning with Git Client such as SourceTree
File > New/Clone >

STEP3: Setup GAE

That's all. You're ready!

MAGIC: database/load_all

Translating articles

STEP 1: Finding tutorial path you want to translate

STEP 2: Creating Branch

$ git branch -b 'article.ko.webcomponents.shadowdom-101
Highly recommends creating new branch for each translation.

STEP 3: Creating '/ko' directory

and copy all files of /en  into  /ko
cwdoh-2:shadowdom cwdoh$ mkdir ko
cwdoh-2:shadowdom cwdoh$ cp -pfr ./en/* ./ko/
cwdoh-2:shadowdom cwdoh$ ls -l total 0 drwxr-xr-x 3 cwdoh staff 102 2 14 09:18 en drwxr-xr-x 3 cwdoh staff 102 2 17 17:35 ko drwxr-xr-x 7 cwdoh staff 238 2 14 09:18 static drwxr-xr-x 3 cwdoh staff 102 2 19 09:20 zh cwdoh-2:shadowdom cwdoh$

STEP 4: Translating!

But, Don't forget commit for each work
$ git add index.html $ git commit -m "Completed translation of 'Supercharging your Gruntfile' into Korean"

STEP 5: Review

  • Review by yourself before others do
  • If possible, request it :)

Submitting your works

STEP 1: Pushing to your remote

 $ git push origin article.ko.supercharging-your-gruntfile

STEP 2: Creating Pull Request

STEP 3: You can update your works until merging

STEP 4: Merging & Live!

Only One Tip

  • Don't hesitate!

Useful Links

Unusable Links


I just wanted to say a big Thank You to all other translators for awesome works as they said.

33+2 korean translations on HTML5Rocks :)


Rock you!

Let's contribute, HTML5Rocks/KO!

By cwdoh

Let's contribute, HTML5Rocks/KO!

If you can write some code patch, it will be one of great ways for contributing open-sources. but, there is no way to contribute open-sources without writing code? I'd like to encourage doing translation, filing a bug and so on. This is a case study for that. Don't need anything else! Please join us and enjoy! :)

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