5. éve
~ hackathon
60 ember

66% academia
90% PhD
50% women
90% USA/Canada

many experience levels


2-6 people

mostly R packages
+ collect teaching materials

What I learned

don't be shy
to apply 

Hadley's view on package dependencies

future of broom

flippers > branches in base R

chat w Hadley about Clean Code & teaching

If interactive() 

what I worked on


easy to do things hidden

  • run code on install

  • run code on package load

  • run code stored in strings

  • run any command line script

no real emphasis yet


- shiny apps
- web services
- DB usage

audit if package is potentially dangerous

capture network calls

check your machine for best practices

  • defensive development

  • safe logging

  • best practices book

Lot more is needed...

parse nested json

ropensci unconf

By Czeller Ildi

ropensci unconf

ropensci unconf beszámoló data reggelire

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