1,500 Attendees

95 Maker Booths

 300-400 Makers



2014 By The Numbers

What Has Happened Since Then?

New Meetup Groups Have Been Created

Schools are looking into creating their own Makerspaces and Maker Clubs

Involvement with local museums & community groups

New Businesses

2015 Rochester Mini Maker Faire

Saturday, November 21st


Rochester Riverside Convention Center


3k-4k Attendees

Open Longer

Load in on Friday

Maker Party Before or After the Faire

Presence at Rochester Events



Goals for 2015

Calvin Uzelmeier

Director of Education
Rochester Museum & Science Center

Carmalita Seitz

Professional Learning Services Coordinator

The New York State Association for Computers and Technologies in Education

Neal Martin

Director of Innovation

City of Rochester

Maker Movement in Rochester

Local Makerspaces

  • Rochester Makerspace
  • Harley School
  • Rochester Institute of Technology
  • Monroe County Library System
  • Interlock Rochester
  • Allendale Columbia
  • University of Rochester
  • Chili Library Teen Makerspace
  • Āda Space

National Week of Making


  • Makers at the RMSC
  • Second Saturday
  • Sunday Crafternoon
  • Robots! Robots! Robots! 
  • Maker Show & Tell Night
  • Seed Balls!
  • Interlock Hack Night
  • STEM Expo 
  • Wall Art for a Purpose  
  • Maker Show & Tell Night 
  • Microcontrollers & Robotics Meetup 
  • And more!

Call for Makers

  • Art car designers and art bike builders
  • Hackers
  • Painters
  • Knitters, weavers & yarn bombers
  • STEAM educators
  • 3D printers
  • Animators
  • Young Makers
  • Lego Builders
  • Cosplay & Costume designers
  • Arduino enthusiasts
  • Inventors and tinkerers
  • Solar and light engineers
  • Game Makers
  • You

Tickets now available

Rochester Mini Maker Faire Kickoff

By Daniel Schneiderman

Rochester Mini Maker Faire Kickoff

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