Python-Brug 2018

Quick reminder of the bridge goals


Seven Samurai

“This has been called the greatest Japanese film ever made, and so it is....It is one of the most influential films ever. From any angle you choose -- scripting, storytelling, acting, directing, camerawork, editing -- this film is a masterpiece. Every element in it is superlative.... You could take any four minutes of this film, anywhere in the picture, and find more concentrated filmmaking than you'll find anywhere else in cinema."
–Stephen Prince, from the Commentary on the Criterion edition of Seven Samurai

Challenges Kurisawa faced


Multiple Cameras at the same time, huge fires, lots of water

Lighting and framing

Mirrors and focused light

Long shoot

dedicated actors, crew and financers


Where we are going

  •  Deliver 85% of sprint commitment each

  •  Exploratory testing on code reviews -kill the bugs

  •  all bugs in each sprint

  •  work on tech debt

tech goals

  •  Architectural discussion around each feature meeting

  • ticket breakdown (1-2s only with discovery for anything 3 or greater)

team/process goals

  •  knowledge share across team and product

  • tooling around :pointup: as well



Python-Brug 2018

By Daniel Sellers

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