Network analysis 2

снова сетевой анализ

Agenda for today

  • Gephi reminder (вспоминаем, куда тыкать)
  • Network clustering  (выделение сообществ)
  • Create your own network with Ezlinavis
  • Homework
  • Weekend 🌴🍸


Open Source Software for Exploring and Manipulating Networks

download and install at

Looks like this

Gephi is

  • an open source software for exploring and manipulating networks 
  • "like Photoshop but for graph data" (
  • written in Java and runs on most OS's
  • extensible (plugins with additional features)
  • ...a bit buggy :) 

Network Clustering

кластеризация графов (выделение сообществ)

Karate club

Zachary's karate club

  • A social network of a karate club studied by Wayne W. Zachary from 1970 to 1972
  • Links capture interactions between the club members outside the club
  • During the study a conflict arose between the administrator "John A" and instructor "Mr. Hi" (pseudonyms), which led to the split of the club into two.

Zachary's karate club

  • Half of the members formed a new club around Mr. Hi
  • members from the other part found a new instructor or gave up karate.
  • Basing on collected data Zachary assigned correctly all but one member of the club to the groups they actually joined after the split
  • Link to the paper (1977)

The process leading to fission is viewed as an unequal flow of sentiments and information across the ties in a social network. This flow is unequal because it is uniquely constrained by the contextual range and sensitivity of each relationship in the network. The subsequent differential sharing of sentiments leads to the formation of subgroups with more internal stability than the group as a whole, and results in fission

Wayne W. Zachary (1977) An Information Flow Model for Conflict and Fission in Small Groups. University of New Mexico.

Zachary's matrix

Zachary's network viz

Zachary's calculations

Karate club

My try in Gephi

You can try it here:

Add node affiliation

  • Import spreadsheet
  • Nodes table (NOT edges!)

Hits & misses

Aftermath: Zachary Karate Club Club

Zachary Karate Club Club is a honorific group that awards membership in the group, along with a traveling trophy, to a scientist who is the first to use Zachary's Karate Club as an example at a conference on networks.


And now let us cluster some humanities networks!

Title Text

  • 1.Открываем папку

    2.Сохраняем себе файл StormOfSwords.csv

    3.Открываем Gephi

    4.Файл->Import Spreadsheet-> StormOfSwords.csv

More networks to cluster and analyse: 

Russian Drama at

Remember this?

We have this for Russian

You can try it yourself


Or encode your own and use easyvis!

# Действие 1
## Явление 2
Аграфена Кондратьевна
## Явление 3
Аграфена Кондратьевна
## Явление 4
Аграфена Кондратьевна
Устинья Наумовна
## Явление 5
Аграфена Кондратьевна
Устинья Наумовна

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