The perfect

front-end workflow

Batteries Included

Full Featured

  • Webpack + Babel
  • Sass (super fast libass)
  • Optional HTML templating with Nunjucks
  • Hot module loading with React support
  • BrowserSync
  • Ready to use testing setup with
    Karma + Mocha + Chai + Sinon
  • Deploy directly to gh-pages
  • Optimized Production Build with filename hashing and asset helpers

Install a single dependency

yarn add blendid

Auto-generate starter files

yarn run blendid -- init


yarn run blendid

Production Builds

yarn run blendid -- build
  • Uglify, optimize, and compress files
  • Report filesizes
  • Hash Filenames (optionally)

Fully configureable for any stack


Configure and fine-tune exposed task options


Configure paths to match your project structure

One common set of tools for every project

We use it with

  • Ruby on Rails
  • Django
  • Craft
  • Wordpress
  • React Apps
  • Static Sites


  • Get out of Beta and merge with master!
  • Improve exposed configuration documentation
  • Allow passing in custom tasks, or swapping out one for another. E.g., swap in a PostCSS or Less task for Sass
  • Include linting

Try it out!


By Dan Tello


Sneek peek at Blendid! (formerly gulp-starter) for React NOVA meetup

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