A short update from Wolbach Library

  • American Women's History Initiative (AWHI) - new opportunity
    • "...one of the country’s most ambitious undertakings to research, collect, document, display and share the compelling story of women."
  • Wolbach and the National Air and Space Museum were awarded one of five curatorial positions to support the AWHI
    • Curator of the History of American Women in Aviation, Spaceflight, Astronomy, and Planetary Science
  • Goals:
    • Connect the contemporary work we do in astronomy and astrophysics to women's historic contributions to the field
    • Enrich the Smithsonian's public presentation of women’s history in the space-based sciences

Initiative from Wolbach Library, in collaboration with many partners, to catalog, digitize, transcribe, and enrich the metadata of notebooks produced by the Harvard Computers.

  • PHaEDRA Full-Text - Makes the collection searchable on ADS
  • Star Notes - Connects the notebooks and the glass plates to build a bridge between the modern scientific literature and 100 years of astronomical observations being made available through DASCH

A brief update from the Wolbach Library

By Daina Bouquin

A brief update from the Wolbach Library

Shared during the CfA All-Staff meeting held May 13, 2020.

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