Performance in the cloud

Diego Cardozo

Sr. Web Performance Engineer

@NetSuite @diecard

NETConfUY 2016


  • Why #perfmatters

  • What to test

  • How to test

Why performance matters

Why is it important for our business?

  • Google: 2% slower = 2% less searches per user
  • Yahoo: 400 ms faster = 9% more traffic
  • Amazon: 100ms faster = 1% more revenue
  • Shopzilla: 5s faster
    • 25% more page visits
    • 7 a 12% more revenue
  • Google uses site speed in web search ranking

Why performance matters

Why is it important for us as IT professionals?

"The best part about web performance is how much you learn about technology in general"

What to test


Classification of performance tests 

Test type Goal
Performance Determine and validate speed 
Load Verify application behavior under normal and peak load conditions
Stress Verify application behavior beyond normal and peak load conditions
Capacity Determine how many users and/or transactions are supported while meeting performance goals

What to test


Have a goal - 3 alternatives

  • Performance budget
  • Twitter uses "Twitter's time to first tweet"
  • Google created the RAIL model

How to test

The only rule

1. Measure

2. Optimize

How to test

2 alternatives

Emulate a user's browser, run a test case and register response times for all requests

Users passively send real performance data

Synthetic monitoring

Real User Monitoring (RUM)

How to test

Synthetic monitoring

¿Cómo testear?

Real User Monitoring


.NET Conf UY - Performance in the cloud

By diegocard

.NET Conf UY - Performance in the cloud

Perofrmance in the cloud @ NETConfUY by Diego Cardozo

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