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Sovereign Identity

on the Blockchain

Laurent Hardy

do not



do research, learn the technology,
test the product, engage with the community, compare with other projects, read the documentation, look for red flags

Personal information is available in its totality, regardless of what is actually needed

Identity is fragmented in different forms and places

Identify yourself is tedious and repetitive

There is almost no compatibility between identification processes

We are not the owners of our identity

How many identities?




Challenges around digital identity

Privacy Increase the level of privacy of our identity with enough flexibility in establishing our identity
Context Keep the identity system compatible with its context
Practicality Identity must be helpful for everyday activities
Provenance Preserve the provenance of identifiers
Risks Lower the risks attached to establishing an identity
Intermediaries The dilemma of Distributed Ledger Technologies in the case of identity

Self Sovereign Identity

vs. Federated Identity

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it's what we are
not who we are

Blockchain-based identity



I'm 32

I have 1.764€ on my bank account

I know who Satoshi Nakamoto is


verifiable claims

uPort features

Identity rooted in Ethereum blockchain User reputation system
Passwordless, Single Sign-On Browser to mobile app communication
Simplified user centric keys management Identity verification / KYC
Binding digital signatures Private chain support

uPort integration

Server App


Blockchain App


uPort in action

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Sovereign Identity on the Blockchain

By Laurent Hardy

Sovereign Identity on the Blockchain

The quest for sovereign identity solutions on the blockchain is still in the pipeline. Why does it matter and what the solution might look like. A small selection of projects building solutions includes uPort, Civic and AngelList.

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