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The Attention Economy

Laurent Hardy

do not



do research, learn the technology,
test the product, engage with the community, compare with other projects, read the documentation, look for red flags

Markets revolves around scarcity

If a commodity is scarce

and there is demand for it

then it acquires value

Digital economy

Turn your attention into a valuable action

Attention markets



Users' attention

Social layer


market signals

Value chain

Content generators

Market signals




User's attention

Data about the industry

$23 per month in data charges

21% less battery life

600 million blocking software solutions installed

Publishers have lost approximately 66% of their revenue over the past decade

less expensive customer attention, less fraud, and better attribution

strong privacy and security when viewing advertisements, improved relevance and performance, and a share of tokens



improved revenue, better reporting, and less fraud


source: BAT website

Basic Attention Metrics

The Attention Value for the ad will be calculated based on incremental duration and pixels in view in proportion to relevant content, prior to any direct engagement with the ad.

Basic Attention Metrics

Several scoring algorithms have been tried:

5 total views of advertising content in an active window, for at least 5 seconds each. Hits of this nature would be calculated on a 30-day moving window.

A score which rewards a publisher for a thresholded and bounded function of the amount of time spent with the open and active page.

Targeted ad based on a subset of keywords purchased at the advertising partner end, combined with the attention metric, essentially selling the attention along with an advertising topic.

Basic Attention Metrics

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The Attention Economy

By Laurent Hardy

The Attention Economy

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