What is "Tales of Kratos"?

  • A 2D Action Adventure Side-scrolling platformer RPG
  • Built on top of ImpactJS with modifications to the engine
  • Non-linear game design
    • ​Skill System promotes back-tracking and area discovery
  • Inspired by cult classics such as...


  1. Main character uses a sword - totally unique from other ImpactJS games.
  2. Customized HUD plugin written for the game
  3. Customized animated character HUD
  4. Expansive Menu System
    1. Skill system
    2. Skill enhancement system
    3. Multiple skill branches to explore
  5. Level up system
  6. Character development System
    1. Increases stats upon level up
    2. Character development tied to skill branches

Features (Continued...)


7. Customized hit boxes for sword swinging 

8. Frame Manipulation algorithm

9. Several spells at player's disposal

     1. Fire / Wind / Lightning / Heal

10. Treasure chest system

    1. Ability to programmatically spawn items

11. Screen Shakes upon hitting/getting hit

12. Mouse interaction


Even more features!

13. Puzzles

    1. Switch puzzles

14. Music switching via engine modification

15. Screen Fading

16. Scrolling title screen

17. Hover descriptions on skills

18. Non-linearity game design

    1. Puzzles which require specific unlocked abilities

19. Enemy spawner

    1. Prevents enemies from spawning prematurely

20. Respawn Ability, built on top of an open-source camera plugin

Live Demostration :D

Future Goals

  • Implement a mini-map of the entire world
  • Add more levels
  • Have more substancial plot
  • More enemies
  • Dual player support
    • ​Implement Xbox / PS3 controller support
  • Day/Night/weather related events
  • Implement bosses
  • Equipment System
  • Collectable Item System
  • More unlockable skills
  • New abilities, such as flying
  • New types of puzzles



Tales of Kratos

By David Leonard

Tales of Kratos

ACM Indie Competition Presentation slides

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