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last updated:  27 April 2022

Questionably Trained "AI" is everywhere

Timnit Gebru

Timnit Gebru: “Datasheets for Datasets”:

  • intervening in underspecified "data dumps"
  • Also, working towards a community standard for sharing data collections?


No international standards organization (yet?) 

Where do we learn about the basis of NLP training models in the software documentation or tutorials? 

Timnit Gebru in Trouble at Google

See MIT Review's summary of the article that led to her exit

  • Carbon footprint of AI training
  • Datasets are too large and underspecified
    • smaller, curated datasets aren't funded
    • cost/benefit: improvements in training aren't encouraged/funded
  • Google

Google's data ethicist, until 2020

Semantris game: 

Help google's AI with word associations

Data ethics, text analysis at scale...

And what about your projects? ? ?

AI, Text Analysis, Data Ethics

By Elisa Beshero-Bondar

AI, Text Analysis, Data Ethics

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