Mike  Timofiiv

Remote digital professional


  • Completed a diploma at university for interactive design
  • Minor knowledge of programming via school (Wordpress-level PHP)
  • Self-taught in advanced PHP
  • Self-taught in Ruby/Rails
  • Self-taught in modern Javascript
  • Self-taught in Node.js
  • Self-taught in Linux server admin
  • Self-taught in database admin

Who hires people like me?

Vancouver Canucks

The Netherlands Organisation


Tire Stewardship of British Columbia

Several Amsterdam-based Software-as-a-service startups

Tech I use

I build webapps in Node.js (Javascript)

I build mobile apps in React-Native (Javascript)

I build frontend interfaces in Vue, React, vanilla Javascript

What you should learn...

  • If you want programming utility and maximum bang, learn Javascript. It can be used in building pretty much anything from web applications to mobile apps to Internet of Things device control software. It is the most versatile language today.
  • Machine learning is nice, but SQL is better. Learn to do SQL properly and you can be a great data nerd.
  • Marketing is more important than product. It doesn't matter how you feel about this fact: soak up as much info about landing page design, growth hacking, and early stage validation

How can you learn?

Online courses are a great way to learn:





And for the advanced:

https://frameworkless.js.org 😘


Focus on learning by doing. Make a side project.

What do I do?

By Mike Timofiiv

What do I do?

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