Closer to the Metal

BudapestJS, 2015.01.28.

Szmozsánszky István




UI Developer


Firefox OS Developer Engagement


How it all started

JavaScript growing up



  • Access to browser internals via standardized, platform-independent API interfaces
  • Standardization started within W3C in 1997
  • Requests, animations, rendering etc. demistified
  • Replacing dated API-s with new, more flexible & robust ones (eg.: Fetch)
  • Decoupling the DOM from the browser:
    bringing DOM access to node via JSDOM

Web seeps into the HW layer

  • One of the first (and to date most supported) web api: Geolocation
  • Other hardware API-s appear (Battery)

A big leap

JavaScript conquering the
frontend, backend & apps

Widespread JS

  • As node.js charges ahead, JavaScript expands and for the first time it encompasses the full web stack.
  • Front-end frameworks pop up on every corner, offering more and more native-like experiences.

JavaScript of Things

and the heralds of a new era

IoT HW meets JavaScript

  • Node on the Raspberry Pi, Arduino?
  • Jonny five to the rescue!


hardware assembly,
but without the "Assembly"



  • Dedicated hardware, running "JS"*
  • Node compatible
  • NPM compatible!
  • Out of the box hardware modules
  • Support for expansions/generic IO!



* actually it compiles to LUA, but whatevz'! :)

Firefox OS

a handful of the open web
in your pocket

Firefox OS

Mozilla's open-source, web-based operating system, now available worldwide in
28 countries and on 15 devices.

Phone to IoT
in 20 minutes

PS: please do not literally abuse phones,
they have souls you know...


never stop exploring

The odd one out:

Please meet the world's most inexpensive JS IoT hardware

Jan OS source is (of course) on GitHub!



Future of the
Extensible Web

onwards & upwards!

Laying down the foundations

Building an Extensible Web

  • Building an Extensible Web
  • Interoperability & standards focus
  • Browser vendor openness & cooperation

Join us in February!

Hear the story of JanOS
from Jan himself!

Thank you!

Any questions?

Find these slides at:

JavaScript closer to the metal

By Szmozsánszky István

JavaScript closer to the metal

Early days alert & scrolling titlebars' JavaScript has gone a long way. Through standardization (EcmaScript) and widespread use it has made its way to virtually every digital device of the new millenia. Through this long journey the IoT slowly seems to transcend into a world of JoT (JavaScript of Things). BudapestJS Meetup, 2015.01.28.

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