Web in the Middle

The service worker is here
and it will change the way you think about web & apps in the future

Service Workers?


  • Offline web apps support          
  • Increased performance
  • and more!


But what is it?

  • I's like a web worker
  • but independent of windows
  • ..can even create new windows!
  • runs in the background
  • ..but only when it's needed.

..oh and it's
pretty damn powerful!


  • In Chrome since last January
  • Coming to Firefox end of month
  • Edge - Microsoft implementing
  • Apple/webkit: considering

    Progressive     Web Apps


Progressive Web Apps:
Compelling web applications that work offline, have an app-like interface & behavior and features (like re-engaging via notifications)



  • App-like interface
  • Near indistinguishable from Native
  • Cool transitions!
  • 60 FPS animations!
  • Works offline!


How it's made?


What does



  • More interactions
  • More engagement
  • Enhancing web experience
  • Across browsers!
  • Progressive enhancement.


How it's made?

Beyond Offline

Not just for offline stuff!


and even more crazy hacks

Thank you!

Learn how to use service workers:

Santa's Little Performance Helper

by Phil Nash

Follow spec changes:


Find me at:   @slsoftworks     



Web in the Middle

By Szmozsánszky István

Web in the Middle

What are service workers - and why are they going to fundamentally change how you write webapps today..?

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