Big Data Alchemy


Benedikt Köhler(@furukama)


Image source: Mutus Liber (France, 1677) 

  • Context: Slides from a talk at the conference "Bridging the Gap 8" at Munich, Siemens Conference Center, 23 Nov 2013

Quantified World


Image Source: Tractatus III Seu Basilica Philosophica (England, 1618)

  • Three meanings of Big Data:
    • Technology: Hadoop, HBase, MongoDB etc.
    • Economy: Consolidation of enterprise data sources
    • Society: Living in a world of numbers
  • From quantified self (e.g. Fitbit, Klout ...) to quantified world
  • Daniel Suarez in Freedom: "Data curse" means "virtual" data world and "real" meatspace world are strongly connected

Beyond the MatriX

Pattern Recognition

Machine Learning Magic

From Silo to Data Hub

Big Data Alchemy

By furukama

Big Data Alchemy

Big Data allows us to identify and analyze patterns in the modern quantified world.

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