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Based in Berlin

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10 years anniversary

What we do

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Origin of 3D models?

Where are they stored?

3D City Database on PostGIS

How are they published to the web?

  • Authoring tool for projects
  • Process terrain and object layers
  • Map editor
  • Export of 3D maps

Export into different formats?


Hosting 3D city applications

Our motivation to this event

  • Generate innovative ideas for 3D city models
  • Get involved into the Open Data developer scene
  • Make up plans for future dev together




... around

the globe

Problems ...

How we can help you

  • Explaining the XSD schema
  • Handle the tricky parts
  • Data validation (HOT topic)
  • Conversion into other formats
  • Libraries: citygm4j, libcitygml

3D City Database

  • Explain the database structure
  • Import and export of data
  • Provide an SQL dump
  • Provide an VM with a running system
  • Show ways to work with Docker

  • Access a 3DCityDB through WFS
  • It is set up and waiting for requests
  • GetFeatureByID (gml:id)
  • You can do filtering (OGC FE 2.0)
  • Clients have to parse CityGML

3D web mapping

Ideas for hacking the city

Linked Data

Planning scenarios

Time Tiling

Tiling by space                  Tiling by time

Semantic web models


Source: VCS

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See you @roofup_berlin !


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