Ripe Meeting 28 / 10 / 2016

32k nodes
18 Optical Fibre PoPs in Catalonia

OPEX nearly 3M€ yearly turnover

FIBER                       &                       WIFI        

Non-profit, non-partisan, without conflicts of interest

2007 Catalan National Award – category on Telecommunications
2015 European Broadband Award – category on innovative model of financing, business and investment

Broadband & Internet (mobile) access  to the Homes, source IDESCAT 2013

Commons Network

The main project of the guifi·net Foundation is the development of a telecommunication infrastructure based on the ideas studied by Elinor Ostrom: a commons-based telecommunication resource pool.

guifi·net is a commons-based telecommunication infrastructure of public interest, open to any telecommunications operator and to any person in equal conditions.

A network for defending the Human Right to Internet access as a basic tool for action and social inclusion, that fosters the social, solidary and collaborative economy and develops the Information Society.


The guifi·net Commons Network is:

Open: the access and knowledge about the network is public and available to everybody.

Free: Everyone can join. it guarantees people achieving the right to Access the Internet.

Neutral: the network infrastructure is neutral regarding the contents and services being carried.

Commons-based: different actors participate in the network managing and operating it as a common pool resource (CPR).

Open Acces Network model based on the commons

Governance Stack

Sustainable design

Based on collaborative economy
E. Ostrom (2009 Nobel Prize in Economics)

Based on free market but:
- Non-speculative
- Fair Trade

Implemented through:
- signed agreements

- written consensus rules (License Free, Open, Neutral Network)


More details ...

R. Baig, R. Roca, F. Freitag, and L. Navarro, “, a crowdsourced network infrastructure held in common”, in Computer Networks: The International Journal of Computer and Telecommunications Networking, vol. 90, October 2015, pp. 150-165.

R. Baig, L. Dalmau, R. Roca, L. Navarro, F. Freitag, and A. Sathiaseelan. “Making Community Networks economically sustainable, the experience.”, in Proceedings of the 2016 workshop on Global Access to the Internet for All (GAIA ’16), August 2016.

Davide Vega, Roger Baig, Lloren Cerdà-Alabern, Esunly Medina, Roc Meseguer, Leandro Navarro. "A Technological overview of the community network".


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Slides of the presentation at RIPE 73 meeting

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