The Misconception on





How  do others 

decisions affect Us







  • What if we just got "it"?
  • How do we Influence others?
  • Why do I care?
  • Without the aid of prejudice & custom, I should not be able to find my way across the room; nor know how to conduct myself in any circumstances, nor what to feel in any relation of life. “ – English Critic; (Hazlitt)

What is the problem?

Decisions made without the experience? 

Only when its absued...

  • Holocaust

  • Civil Rights 

  • Bullying


  • ...... limbic brain can’t deal with randomness well. Our newest brain, the neo cortex


  • ... is designed to create patterns although there may be known or lurking variables that are not seen. - (Yales; Moore, McCabe, 1996)

How We Decide

- Jonah Lehrer

  • Decisions and what occurs in the brain

  • Why they influence our decsions negatively.

  • How do we combat this. 

Limbic Brain 

  • The "supercomputer of the brain where
  • complex decision takes place." - (Lehrer)

Limbic Brain

    Lehrer describes this as
    The supercomputer of the mind, analyzing millions bytes of data instantaneously

Dopamine Response System

subset of tools for the limbic brain

Function Of?

  •  He says that, conversely, when we make bad decisions, dopamine is not released & an ‘empty’ feeling is sensed.


  • .... trying the same instance of an scenario repeatly & expecting different results – (Einstein, n.d). 

Limbic System

controls decision making; but not language... -(Sinek,2009)

We must consciously make the decision to act on our irrational decision to an extent and understand its origin, from stereotypes & experience.  

Why should we care? 

  • ~ we have to understand ourselves & why we do what we do.

  • ~ closer to utopia.

  • ~ society that is more compassionate & not eliminate prejudice, but reduce its abuse. 


  • Preconceived opinion that is not based on reason or actual experience.
  • An impulse reaction of hate or superioty to a group

Prejudice is not the child of Ignorance

Prejudice is the rubric  for how we divide and classify our world for decision making. 

When we truly understand, 

we love and sympathize 

- (card)

Neo Cortex 

  • Much less sophisticated than the limbic brain.


  • Is the true orgin of creativity...

Excuse Me?

Creativity's origin is from complex association with experience.  

When truly understand our enemy, we then love our enemy. - O.S. Card

Why does this affect prejudice?

What does it matter?



  • ... rational brain is used to generate a generic response. It just feels right. - (Sinek, 2009)

  • However, the capability for language capacity is not there so when trying to examine directly.



I challenge you to affect others through your decisions; not allowing preset prejudice to exclude yourselves; allow yourself to be a part of another social system for some time.

Why is it important to understand the

understand the origins

of our decisions and others?

  • Through understanding, those we call our enemy; the aliens in our social world; we in term will love them as they love themselves. 

Thank You

The Power of our Decisions

By Geoff Desir

The Power of our Decisions

How our decisions carry power?

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