ICS 141: Intro


George Lee



You made the right choice

My Background

  • Born and raised in Hawaii
  • Graduate of Kamehameha Schools
  • B.S. Mathematics from University of Washington 
  • M.S. Computer Science from University of Hawaii

Senior Software Architect

  • Ruby on Rails, Javascript, CSS/HTML, Python, Objective C
  • Worked on projects ranging from local government to big data and finance.
  • Clients include Civil Beat, UH Foundation, and the City and County of Honolulu

Active in the Community

  • Organize the local Javascript user's group
  • Active member of HICapacity
  • Member of Code for Hawaii
  • Regularly attend conferences on the mainland

I've taken this class

And I know others that have

Haven't Taught It

Don't assume it'll be easy



  • 40% of your grade
  • Assigned on Tuesdays
  • Due the following Friday by 5:45

Late Penalty

  • 10% deduction for each weekday it is late
  • Assignments more than a week late are not accepted

Midterm Exam

  • 20% of your grade
  • Tentatively scheduled for October 13
  • Will cover up to Linear Algebra

Final Exam

  • 20% of your grade
  • May be comprehensive, may only cover 2nd half
  • Scheduled during finals week


  • 10% of your grade.
  • Will be given out randomly before class
  • Mostly in place to test that you did the reading

In-Class Participation

  • 10% of your grade.
  • "Inverted" classroom
  • Participating in group exercises/discussions

Extra Credit

This is a Math Class

20% Time

Build Something Outside of Class

  • Web application, mobile application, game, etc.
  • I must approve your project
  • 1% for each week you show progress (up to 10)
  • 5% for finishing a MVP
  • Talk to me after class or during office hours

Hackathon Participation

  • 5% Extra Credit
  • Node Knockout, Startup Weekend
  • Participation in other hackathons need to be approved by me.

Tools of the Trade


Discrete Math and its Applications (Rosen, 7th Edition)

Course Website


Chat and Discussion

  • https://uhm-ics.slack.com
  • hawaii.edu address is required
  • Introduce yourself in #hello_world

Social Rules

Borrowed from The Recurse Center

No Feigned Surprise

  • Don't be surprised when someone doesn't know something 
  • "You don't know who Richard Stallman is?"
  • Only serves to make people feel bad

No "Well, Actually"

  • Has no bearing on the actual conversation
  • Only brings attention to the person saying it

No Back-Seat Driving

  • Group work is very important.
  • Don't hurl advice to other groups
  • Focus on what your group is doing

And the Obvious ...

  • No cheating or copying
  • Safe zone (no racism, sexism, etc.)
  • Don't be a jerk

Why the Rules?

  • We're all in it together
  • "Impostor Syndrome"
  • Watch the Pycon Keynote


ICS 141 Introduction

By George Lee

ICS 141 Introduction

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