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Ember and Vue

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Why Vue in the first place?

• Building Widget

• Progressive Enhancement

• Plug & Play

• Lightweight

• Use existing knowledge **

And It was surprisingly easy to adapt Vue really quickly


And we successfully did that



Ember Framework Values

• Convention

• Stability

• Productivity

• Community

• Add-on Ecosystem

• Computed Properties

Common Framework Aspects

// Ember
fullName: computed('firstName', 'lastName', function() {
  return `${this.firstName} ${this.lastName}`;

// Vue
computed: {
  fullName() {
    return `${this.firstName} ${this.lastName}`;

• Observers

// Ember
nameChanged: observer('fullName', function() {

// Vue
watch: {
  fullName() {

• Watchers

• Template Syntax

<MyMagicalComponent />

Name: {{name}}

<div v-if="canShow"> ... </div>

<div @click="doSomething()"> ... </div>

<div v-for="item in items" :key="item.id"> ... </div>
<MyMagicalComponent />

Name: {{name}}

{{#if canShow}} <div> ... </div> {{/if}}

<div {{action this.doSomething}}> ... </div>

{{#each items as |item|}}
  <div> ... </div>

• Element Modifiers

// Ember
export default class Focus extends Modifier {
  didInsert(element) {
// Vue

Vue.directive('focus', {
  inserted: function (el) {

• Directives

With recent changes in the frameworks, we started to utilize native features.


🎉 Native Classes & Decorators (Stage 2)  🎉

Let's build a Good Old Counter ⏲️ 

vue create vue-counter

(Class Component blueprint)

ember new ember-counter -b @ember/octane-app-blueprint


It's coding time...

JavaScript Class

this.set('count', this.count + 1)  👉  this.count++

UI Template

v-on:click (@click) => {{action}}

v-if => {{#if}} ... {{/if}}

Directives  ↔️ Helpers (and Modifiers)

Component Registration

Happy Vue Developer 

Happy Ember Developer




A comprehensive comparision between Ember and Nuxt

by Robert Wagner (Ship Shape)


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Ember and Vue

By Gokul Kathirvel

Ember and Vue

A talk on how Ember and Vue utilize the native features and share concepts and even syntaxes along with a demo of how simple to jump between them without much friction by building a counter component (Awesome Conf 2019)

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