Status report: MODX3 Alpha 1


What's in MODX3?

  • Complete new design
  • New Login & Dashboard
  • UX improvements
  • Extract dependencies
  • Lots of refactoring in the core

Try MODX3 now!

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Login Screen

  • Customizable view
  • Advanced help button for agencies
  • Fancy background images (Photo contest!)
  • More secure forgot-password flow


  • Redesign Dashboard
  • Quick buttons
  • Recent changes widget
  • Welcome widget (to do)
  • Community widget (to do)
  • Backwards compatible

UX Improvements

  • More cohesive
  • More intuitive
  • Less clutter, remove unnecessary buttons
  • Better überbar, more customizable
  • Make the content field more prominent

Template preview

  • Improve the way clients create resources
  • Simplified dialog window to start off with
  • Preview of the template
  • Only relevant resource fields
  • Can be disabled

New upload-workflow

  • No more stupid dialog windows
  • No more unnecessary queuing
  • Way less clicks
  • Drop & upload areas for file upload in the manager

Extract dependencies

  • xPDO
  • Smarty
  • PHPMailer
  • phpthumb
  • Guzzle (added)
  • Flysystem (added)
  • Emogrifier (added)



  • Out of the box support for: Filesystem, FTP, AWS
  • Flysystem supports a wide variety of adapters/sources


Flysystem brings us:

  • State of the art technology
  • Performance (yes, also for AWS)
  • 41 million downloads, 6500 stars + 148 contributors on Github


  • MODX is now composer-installable
  • Install MODX through the CLI (testing)
$ composer create-project modx/revolution YOURFOLDER 3.x-dev
$ composer install
$ php ./_build/transport.core.php

New: HTML emails


  • Pretty emails (we're 2018 after all)
  • Your own logo
  • Signed with your website name
  • One CSS file, embedded in HTML-mails using Emogrifier

New: Markdown support for extras


  • Changelog/readme and license support markdown
  • No more messing around with plain text

What's next?

2.6.4, 2.6.5 and 2.7

Which is later merged into 3.x

MODX Bug Hunt

Cologne/одеколон, Germany

October 12-24, 2018

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MODX3 was made possible by



Vasily & Yana

                & the rest of the MODX Community

Yana & Vasily
3 months at Sterc

It started in Switzerland

Yana arrived a little later

Part of the team

Sterc team events

Working on MODX3

Experiencing the Dutch Cuisine

And Dutch beers

Sharing Russian traditions

Time to say goodbye ;-(

Still working together, remotely

Using Slack, Git, Google Drive, video chats, etc

Want to join Sterc?

Work with us remotely or in The Netherlands


By Gauke Pieter Sietzema


Presentation for MODX.Moscow

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