Why should we adopt "Continuous Testing"?

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QA in DevOps

Continuous Testing (CT) - Introduction

How does it different from regular testing?

Stages of CT in Pipeline


Benefits and Challenges of CT

QA in DevOps

Go Automation

Less Manual Functional Testing

Implement a fully integrated Continuous Testing process

Work closer with developers and business (Did I say BDD?)

Adopt in-sprint automation

Invest on more relevant automation tools


Continuous Testing

Continuous Integration (CI)

Continuous Testing (CT)

CI is defined as a practice in which the developer's work is committed, built on a regular basis, deploy to an environment & runs tests. Everything in an automated fashion.

CT is defined as a software testing process in which the tests are automated and executed in an automated build process to ensure the AUT is tested thoroughly. (remember, Go Automation?)

The Differences

The Traditional Way!!!

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QA Environment

Staging Environment

The Differences

The DevOps Way!!!

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Faster Feedback

Early Detection of Defects

Stages of CT

* All the jobs includes API & UI tests

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Best Practices

Adhere to Test Automation Pyramid

Choose right automation tool

Introduce Parallel Execution

Periodic audit for regression test cases

Leverage the usage of AI tools like ReportPortal.io post-execution

Avoid time consuming tests like batch processes etc.,

Power of Service Virtualisation, Visual Testing




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70% - 80% faster test process

More confidence on builds & Agile way of working

Early detection of defects

Complete CT automated

Effective living documentations

Cost and efforts saving for testing

Accelerate time-to-market drastically

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Technically skilled testers

Multiple technologies & tools automation

CT cannot be effective if the system is complex

Can slow down the tests if automation scripts are not robust

Prior test data generation & management

Sometimes external dependencies can slow down execution

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DevOps and QA


How to do CT ?

Difference stages of CT & threshold limits

Best practices, benefits & challenges

Demo with Azure DevOps

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Thank you!

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