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Wed 12/08

Mon 12/13

Mon 12/20

Mon 12/20

Mega Quiz

just bonus - counts as up to 4 quizzes!!!

Loud and proud :)

Billy Bakalis

Jay Burkhardt, Jack Tan, Aaryaman Sharma

Tung Dao

Tung Duong

Muhaned Ghabour

Daniel Goncalves

Alexis Gonzalez

Ana Gorohovschi and Nick Williams

Amanda Kwong

Keqiang Li

Yi Luo

DuyAnh Nguyen

Kenny Nguyen

Vlad PierreLouis

Paul Ruscito

Weixin Shi

Matthew Signore

Thank you!!

Lecture 38

By Daniel Haehn

Lecture 38

Slides for CS460 Computer Graphics at UMass Boston. See!

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