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We want to work with

Small independent Businesses in

Developing markets.


  • Team change: tech lead left, two new members in creative, legal, and business fields

  • New Name & brand message

  • Product evolution —> from marketing tool to local small business marketplace app w/ digital education component

  • Primary launch market: Bangladesh, where mobile payments are huge

  • Have a proper Business Plan v1 complete

  • surveyed over 200 people globally regarding our USP

  • visited 34 stores (and counting) to conduct ethnographic research on our target populations


  • Tech lead
  • Time and capital to reach a large number of merchants and consumers


  • Applied to MIT Solve, currently waiting to hear back
  • Incorporated in Delaware
  • 75% done with our MVP; should be complete by end of August


  • To be incorporated in New York soon as a foreign corporation doing business here
  • launch + test in NYC by last week of September
  • Create and work with core group of 10-15 merchants for a free trial to closely test Waroong
  • Test 4 (1 per month) workshops in nyc by the end of Q4
  • Be interviewed by a mainstream media outlet by the end of Q4
  • Hire a developer to create product for Bangladesh
  • Launch in Bangladesh by end of Q1 2019


Samiha M. Ahmed

Stephen Y. Chen

Hasin I. Ahmed




Samiha is a Dhaka native who is a writer by trade and urbanist by training. At Waroong, she leads content creation, public relations, and project management.

Stephen is from Shanghai and has extensive experience in international law and consulting. At Waroong, he oversees legal compliance, partnerships, and business strategy.

Hasin is a native of Dhaka and has a varied background that includes design, data analysis, marketing, and international affairs. At Waroong, he is the overseer of all.

Waroong Inc.

Bridging the gap between in-store retail & e-commerce

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wa roong

Inspired by "warung," the Malay word for a small family-owned business, we at Waroong Inc. aim to connect such shops throughout the world to local customers.


Whether it's the bodega around the corner in New York City or a mudi dokan in Dhaka, we will enable every shop to be discovered by customers in the expanding digital economy.




Our first target market has a rapidly growing digital economy

120M mobile phone users

80M internet users

38M smartphone users

28M Facebook Users

30M mobile banking users


a marketplace of everyday products sold by local, independently-owned shops.



Custom web store

Buy  products locally

Track inventory + revenue

Use mobile payment service

Learn the basics of running a business digitally



thank you!

Visit us at

Waroong Elab PiNG

By Hasin Ahmed

Waroong Elab PiNG

Inspired by "warung," the Malay word for a small family-owned store, at Waroong we reject the global trend that says the success of e-commerce must lead to a decline of in-store activity. Instead, our mission is to blur the line between online and offline shopping using a little bit of technology and a lot of education. In doing so, we will foster an advanced commerce environment, one where efficient online transactions increase meaningful in-store interactions. So whether it's the bodega around the corner or a mudi dokan in the bazaar, we will give every business the same chance to be discovered by new customers in the expanding digital economy.

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