Load/stress tests  

It's about the app performance, we will apply a set of tools to start a huge load targeting many API links, we will check the app stability and robustness.


Tools to be used:

  • hey
  • wrk 
  • locust 
  • siege


We will apply static analysis security tests to check for potential security flaws on the base code.


Tools to be used:

  • Nodejsscan
  • Sonarqube

Server Configs

Validating reverse proxy configuration for any miss-configuration, add security headers, and forbidden access to any automated attack tool.

Tools to be used:

  • Gixy : validation
  • Nginx internal security config

What's next ?

Don't repeat the same task every time, do it once, then automate it!


Automated, generic, and reliable CI/CD with suitable tests and deployment strategy to enhance team velocity and productivity.


Benshmarking strategy

By hatem ben tayeb

Benshmarking strategy

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