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  • Why Engineering Sync?
  • Topics
  • Process

Why Engineering Sync?

  • Learning and collaboration
  • Alignment on engineering topics and decisions
  • Documentation of our topics and decisions
  • Practice for tech/conference talks
  • Fun! 🐶


We’ll have roughly two categories:

  • Show & tell
  • Discussion items
  • (Anything else you want to talk about)


Show & tell

  • Something you made or discovered
  • Something interesting, inspiring, funny/quirky, …


  • Loading in-app pages on Android vs. iOS
  • Experiments to build a "pure" Kotlin backend with Ktor
  • Our new component style guide for iOS
  • How I struggled with CSS grid
  • Easy dark mode implementation with pure CSS
  • My favorite code editor/extensions/shortcuts/…
  • New content type or field in Contentful
  • Side project showcase


Discussion items

Something to discuss and make a decision about together.


  • I found this cool new unit testing framework!
  • Picking a new tool for task management
  • New time slot for Engineering Sync
  • Who wants to join me on the next XYZ conference?
  • How to improve our CI server performance?
  • Does anyone still need this script or can I delete it?


  • Colllect topics on the Engineering Sync page (Notion)
    • Add your topics in advance.
    • You can also request topics from others!
  • Prepare, present and enjoy!
    • Sebastian (or another notetaker) will take notes.
    • We’ll create action items if someone receives "homework".

Sebastian will nudge you every now and then to present something! 😈


☝️ This is an interactive meeting and process!

Do tell if you want to switch things up.

✌️ Happy syncing!

Questions? Feedback?

Engineering Sync

By Sebastian Herrmann

Engineering Sync

Introduction to our new engineering sync!

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