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  • Advanced Frontend Web Development with React

    ReDI Info Session intro talk for the course "Advanced Frontend Web Development with React" in semester fall 2018.

  • User Profiles

  • Time Estimates & Time Tracking

    Our insights about time estimates and time tracking for project Clippy.

  • Notion

    Some UI/UX highlights of one of my favorite new daily tools: Notion!

  • Reporting back from JSUnconf 2018

    My highlights and learnings from JSUnconf 2018 in Hamburg (many photos!).

  • VS Code: Features, Customizations and Extensions to Make You More Productive

    VS Code has come a long way and offers a great set of features to everyone who wants to learn them and dive into the world of shortcuts, extensions and little tweaks. With this I'm showing my favorite ones that make me (and potentially you!) more productive every day.

  • Functional Programming with JavaScript and React

    We highlight how we're using FP in the frontend in combination with JavaScript and React to build readable and reusable functions and components.

  • Advanced CSS

    Advanced CSS techniques for AngularCamp 2017 (Barcelona).

  • Promises in JavaScript

    Introduction to promises and how we're using them.

  • ES6: Sets & Maps

    What do we gain from using ES6's new sets and maps?

  • Yarn

    Yarn != Yawn!

  • Styles.

    Styles in the web, so mostly CSS stuff.