UI/UX Highlights

Very keyboard-friendly

  • Slash Commands
  • lotsa Shortcut Hints
  • Markdown Transformations
  • "fuzzy" search

Minimal UI

Many familiar features and shortcuts

  • Quick Find (⌘+P)
  • Search in Page (⌘+F)
  • RTE Shortcuts
    • bold
    • italics
    • adding a link
    • adding a comment
    • duplicate a line
  • Multi-Select / Drag'n'Drop

Built-in version control

Organize content with Emojis

Great ways to get started

Bottom Line:

Notion has become an inspiring daily helpful tool.

…just like our tool(?).

…and they're just
getting started!


By Sebastian Herrmann


Some UI/UX highlights of one of my favorite new daily tools: Notion!

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