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Inline field validation

Inline field validation

  • display field-based errors when…
    • leaving the field (onBlur)?

    • trying to submit an invalid form

  • generally concentrate on clear labeling!

Inline field validation

  • skip browser validation (<form novalidate>) ✅
  • be forgiving with inputs instead of enforcing technical limitations



  • more natural, less technical language!
    • "problems" instead of "errors"​
  • concise and plain language
    • pleasantries like "please" get annoying fast and imply a choice
    • users want to focus on getting the correct message across instead of being treated nicely
  • generally think about a conversation between humans instead of interactions with a machine


Andrea Drugay on A Word to the Wise: Writing Product Copy to Transform Your User Experience​

When do we disable the submit button?

Never disable the submit button

  • It's not always clear why something is disabled:
    • What's wrong? Why is the button not clickable?
    • Is it about pristine/dirty fields? Which fields are relevant?
    • Do I have to wait for something?


  • bad for screen readers (focusability)
  • one exception: saving/loading state!

final-form provides all the metadata

Keep it simple

Keep it simple

  • labels (and hints) above input fields work best




  • do not use input placeholders
    • they make it harder to find empty inputs
    • they disappear while typing anyway
  • use semantic HTML for best compatibility and a11y (ARIA should be last resort instead of default)

Some more interesting ideas

HTML Page Title Validations

  • using html page title for validations (quasi notification):





✅ We already do this for in-app notifications.

Checklist Affirmation Pattern

MailChimp example:

One thing per page

  • advantages:
    • focus
    • simplicity
    • momentum

Thanks for listening.

Form Design Patterns

By Sebastian Herrmann

Form Design Patterns

Learnings from the e-book "Form Design Patterns" and other sources.

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