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Sebastian Herrmann (@herrherrmann)


Web Accessibility (a11y)

"Accessibility is the practice of making your websites usable by as many people as possible."


your app/website

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Small Improvements


- Header

- Sidebar

- Main


- Create

let's build for
all of them!


  • we're building a large webapp since ~2010:








  • we care about accessibility ❤️
  • at least now (~2018)! 😅
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LESS                            870           6843            344          34728
HTML                            731           4253            170          25071
CoffeeScript                    462           5902             94          20018
TypeScript                      214           1195            130          10397
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Gradle                           13            321            127           1559
Markdown                         35            467              0           1194
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SUM:                          10032         118245          12619         664928

Some first steps

Semantic HTML


Semantic HTML

  • Avoid unnecessary nesting (Fragments, anyone?)
                <div class="inline-content">
                    <span class="table-text">
                            Some content

Semantic HTML

  • Avoid unnecessary nesting (Fragments, anyone?)
  • Use role="presentation" for decorative elements
                <div class="inline-content" role="presentation">
                    Some content

HTML5 + Landmarks

<header role="banner">
   <p>Put company logo, etc. here.</p>
<nav role="navigation">
      <li>Put navigation here</li>
<main role="main">
   <p>Put main content here.</p>
<footer role="contentinfo">
   <p>Put copyright, etc. here.</p>

ARIA tags


If you need a lot of ARIA and role tags,
you're probably not using HTML5 properly!

…but there are some valid use cases.

Common ARIA tags

  • aria-label to add context to an icon-only button:



  • aria-hidden to hide invisible content from screen readers
  • aria-live for content updates (e.g. announcers)
  • aria-required and/or aria-invalid for inputs
  • probably more, depending on your features…
<button type="button" aria-label="Edit Details">
    <svg><!-- some pencil icon --></svg>

ARIA tags Example

  <div id="header_search_bar-description">
    Type to search. Use arrow keys to navigate results.
    placeholder="Type a user name…"
  <label for="header_search_bar-search_input-input">
      aria-label="Cancel search"
      <svg><!-- some "X" icon --></svg>

ARIA tag support

  • There are specs
  • …but they're not implemented consistently
  • So test it yourself!

Fix your Focus

  • Make interactive elements accessible via tabbing!
  • Use a sensible focus order:
    • tabindex="-1" prevents tabability
    • tabindex="0" adds tabability in the normal flow
    • tabindex="1" (and above) should be prevented
<button tabindex="-1">You can't tab me</button>
<div tabindex="0">You can tab me</div>
<div tabindex="2">You can tab me last</div>
<div tabindex="1">You can tab me next</div>

Fix your Focus II

  • Use an obvious focus style!
  • Don't just reset via :focus { outline: none; }
  • We like a "hard" box-shadow that doesn't affect the layout flow:
.button:focus {
    outline: none;
    box-shadow: 0 0 0 2px @SIBlue;

Fix your Focus III

There's much more!

Wow, a11y is a large topic!
Where do I go from here?


A11y in your workflow

Development setup:

A11y in your workflow

Testing/QA phase:

Screen Readers

Screen Reader Demo!

Screen Readers


  • Spread awareness and focus on tackling the most important issues to get started from "zero"

Style Guide

  • Helps to build consistent, documented components
  • Playground for testing components in isolation


  • Incorporating a11y concerns into your daily workflows is already a step forward
  • Spread awareness about this topic, internally and externally
    • Share your learnings and efforts (blog, conference, open source project, …)



  • A11y is a complex topic
  • A11y is an important topic
  • Knowing about a11y will make you a better web developer
  • Start slowly and steadily (instead of big bang)
  • There are many resources out there
  • Check what others have built
  • Test, test, test (automatically and manually)
  • Keep the topic alive over time


✌️ Thanks a lot!

Accessibility for Webapps

By Sebastian Herrmann

Accessibility for Webapps

Insights into our learnings and first steps of implementing accessibility for large webapps.

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