Case (In-)Sensitivity
on macOS

APFS is not case-sensitive by default :(

File renamings that only touch capitalization aren't being tracked by git (e.g. myComponent.tsx to MyComponent.tsx)

Problem #1: Git

Capitalization doesn't matter in file path imports (but it matters on other OSes!).

Problem #2: Imports

// Both lines equally work on macOS!
import Button from '../../components/button';
import Button from '../../components/Button';
  • enforce case sensitivity via git config (ignorecase = false)
  • this also affects e.g. .gitignore (hence we needed a fix to capitalize ".DS_Store" correctly)

Solution for Git

  • reformat our disks to use case-sensitivity? 😃
  • doesn't seem to be possible for system partitions… 😢

Solution for imports

  • at least Webpack is smart enough to warn us about ambiguous import paths



Case Sensitivity on macOS

By Sebastian Herrmann

Case Sensitivity on macOS

…for Git and ES6 file paths.

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