Reporting back from

It's an unconference.

It's spontaneous and dynamic.

We were Bronze Sponsors.

…and had awesome swag!

We participated a lot!

4 SI talks:

  • "You don't need State Management"
  • VS Code
  • Why we like FP
  • FP with JavaScript and React

We received awesome feedback about our job posting(s).

It was a colorful conference!

Some General Learnings

Learning #1:

Keep your Twitter handle ready.

Learning #1½:

Keep your repo/contact links ready.

Learning #2:

Prepare and practice early,
especially pitches for your talks!

Learning #3:

Reuse talks (e.g. for meetups, blog, …).

Learning #4:

Time is limited.
Aim for undertime rather than overtime.

Learning #5:

Bring adapters.

Learning #6:

There is much more to talk about
aside from "hard" dev topics.

Learning #7:

Talking, spreading knowledge and getting inspired is awesome (not really news).

Learning #8:

Hamburg is beautiful.

Let's do it again!

Reporting back from JSUnconf 2018

By Sebastian Herrmann

Reporting back from JSUnconf 2018

My highlights and learnings from JSUnconf 2018 in Hamburg (many photos!).

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